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Julie B. Campbell

Canadian author Julie B. Campbell’s titles include three children’s books, An Ogre Ate My Sparkles (co-authored with Laura Campbell, her sister), The Elephant-Wolf and Finding Manda’s Sunshine, as well as the Perspective book series, which she co-writes with Amanda Giasson. 

Julie B. Campbell Bio

Julie B. Campbell has lived in Ontario throughout her entire life. She grew up in the Toronto area and now resides about an hour north of there with her angry pet fish.

Being a Kid

Julie B. Campbell grew up in Rexdale, Ontario, a community that was then a northern part of the city of Etobicoke, but that is now the north-west corner of Toronto. Starting in kindergarten, she was educated through the French Immersion program right through O.A.C. (the Ontario Academic Credit “grade 13” year, which has since been phased out of the provincial education system).

Being an Almost Grown-Up

After high school, Julie B. Campbell attended York University at its (gorgeous) bilingual Glendon College, where she earned her bilingual B.A. with a major in Canadian Studies.

That said, for the first full year of university life, she kept her major undeclared. Based on her life experience to that point, she felt unprepared to decide.  By the end of her first year, her intention was to apply to law school on the recommendation of one of her professors. As this was a serious (and expensive) decision, she chose to take a year off, work, travel, and see if she felt the same way by the time she’d to return to the classroom the following year.

Throughout that year “off”, Julie worked in a call centre, cancelling lost and stolen credit cards, and supporting those customers through that stressful time. For the last few weeks of that year, she and her sister flew to Europe, where they traveled in England, France, and Spain. It was a fun, fascinating, eye-opening trip that would solidify their already close relationship.

Upon her return, Julie went back to York University and chose Canadian Studies as a major, because she’d decided that she wanted to make a career that involved writing.  Though an English major seemed like the obvious choice, Canadian Studies offered a broader range of courses and experiences.  While she did take some English courses to help enhance and polish her writing skills, it was the history and sociology courses that gave her a better understanding of what to write about.

That said, as well as an education and degree, the most important thing Julie gained from her time at university was a best friend and co-author.  She met Amanda Giasson in the line at the Glendon Bookstore during her third year.

Being a Grown-Up

After graduation, Julie B. Campbell moved to downtown Toronto and took her career into her own hands by starting a freelance writing services company. She lived there for five years before moving north to a smaller city.

At the same time, she and Amanda Giasson poked away at a multiple-perspective story they’d started in class. Together, they spent 15 years developing that story until it became the Perspective book series.

The publication of the Perspective series books has brought lots of great opportunities to attend events such as book clubs, Comic Cons, festivals, and markets. She loves to use the events she attends as an opportunity to cosplay in stunning ballgowns and masquerade costumes (that she makes herself) as her main character Irys Godeleva, whose point of view she writes in the series novels.

Outside of writing, Julie B. Campbell also goes by the name Rosy JulieBC, a “Rosacea Geek and Guinea Pig” blogger and YouTuber.  She has used that platform to discuss various issues around the skin condition, as well as expanding into other areas where she is passionate, such as sustainable living. 

Other Stuff Julie B. Campbell Loves

Julie B. Campbell is an avid “reader”, in that she listens to audiobooks for at least a few hours per day.

She speaks openly about her challenges with mental health conditions such as social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and depression. 

She is a proud and enthusiastic supporter of several local charitable causes, as well as her city’s library (and their incredible staff that make fantastic audiobook recommendations to keep up with her regular need for new titles!) and local farmers, growers, and artisans from whom she buys her food every week.

Speaking of locally grown food, Julie doesn’t let the fact that her entire outdoor property consists of a balcony stop her from nurturing a thriving vegetable garden every year. From green beans and tomatoes to strawberries, kale, lettuce, carrots and potatoes, her container gardening is among her favourite hobbies.

Julie B. Campbell is currently working on her first solo novel.

(Oh, and yes, she enjoys non-alcohol piña coladas, and doesn’t mind getting caught in the rain…sometimes).

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