“An Ogre Ate My Sparkles” Available for Pre-order!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce that my sister, Laura Campbell, and I have been writing (and illustrating) a children’s book for the last couple of years and “An Ogre Ate My Sparkles” is now available for pre-order!

Pre-Order the “An Ogre Ate My Sparkles” E-Book on Amazon!

The Kindle e-book is now available on Amazon for pre-order. The book will launch on June 7, 2022. At that time, there will be a paperback version as well.

What’s it About?

An Ogre Ate My Sparkles is a children’s story for kids aged preschool through grade 1.

It’s a playful, fun, hand-illustrated tale teaching children that their emotions are okay, but that feelings are also temporary.

When Eddie’s life is going well and they feel happy, it’s like they’re surrounded by sparkles.

On the other hand, when Eddie finds themselves facing challenges in their life, it’s like an Ogre is eating all the sparkles!

Eddie learns that it’s okay to have feelings like being sad, scared, or lonely, but that there are things that can be done to help the sparkles come back again.

An Ogre Ate My Sparkles paperback by Julie B Campbell and Laura Campbell
An Ogre Ate My Sparkles paperback will be available at Amazon on June 7, 2022

Published by Julie B Campbell

Julie B. Campbell is a Canadian fiction author and co-author (with Amanda Giasson) of the Perspective series books ("Love at First Plight", "Second Wind", "Third Time's a Charmer", and "So On and So Fourth"). Julie has also written children's books such as "The Elephant-Wolf" and "Finding Manda's Sunshine", as well as her most recent kids' title "An Ogre Ate My Sparkles!". She is a rosacea blogger and YouTuber under the name Rosy JulieBC.

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