A Socially Anxious Author and a Local Farmers Market

I absolutely love my local farmers market.  It’s my Disney World.  I’m not exaggerating. I look forward to it every single week. 

“An Ogre Ate My Sparkles” is Now Available!

An Ogre Ate My Sparkles is the first book I’ve written with my sister, Laura Campbell. I’m proud to say that we illustrated the whole thing too! Neither of us are professional artists, but it was a lot of fun creating the drawings of Eddie, a cute kid dealing with a lot of emotions in their life, and the Ogre, whom Eddie imagines is eating their sparkles when things seem to be going wrong.

First Blog Post

My name is Julie B. Campbell. I’m a Canadian author from Ontario. is blog to share my thoughts – in the rare instances that I have some worth sharing – and as a place to tuck the book and audiobook reviews I’ve wanted to start writing for some time now.